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1969 Charger


Everyone that has seen the Duke boys flying through Hazzard county in an orange muscle car with the iconic 01 on the doors knows just how invincible second generation Dodge Chargers are. At least in my mind, there was no car that looked just as cool sitting still as it did jumping over creeks and cop cars. I later saw Steve McQueen blasting through San Francisco in pursuit of a black 1968 Charger and realized that these cars are legendary in every context, good or bad, orange or black. Most classic car enthusiasts would agree, there aren't many cars as desirable; what would you do if you suddenly came into possession of a previously neglected Charger sitting on cinder blocks?

-Created from scratch in Photoshop
-Double Arrow Garage logo on the back
-Printed on Next Level 3600 premium fitted shirts with tear away labels