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1966 Impala


Mid 60's impalas are legendary in a lot of classic car niches; from low riders to drag cars they're often a more affordable option to build compared to chevelles/malibus, camaros and other chevys of the same era. Often fitted with the biggest motors of the day and available in 2 and 4 door versions, car guys could have their cake and eat it too when explaining to the wife why they needed a 396 big block in the family car. Some of em are still on the road, and some can still be found sitting in junkyards and back fields across the country waiting for a second shot at life. Even with wonky headlights, busted glass and a missing hood there is greatness just below the surface.

-Created from scratch in Photoshop
-Double Arrow Garage logo on the back
-Printed on Next Level 3600 premium fitted short sleeve shirts with tear away labels