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1963 Corvette


Split window! The first year of the second generation Corvette was fully redesigned for 1963 and was based on an experimental GM race car called the Sting Ray. It was the first coupe version of the Corvette and it included the now iconic split rear window design (which was replaced with one piece rear glass starting in 1964). It was also the first 'vette to be tested in a wind tunnel to help refine its final shape. I absolutely love the sleek curved fenders and the fastback profile, this is the first Corvette that just looked slippery and fast to me. I also really like how the top of the doors are cut into the roof, similar to some real race cars of the era. The 1963 'vette was cutting edge not only in design, but also pure performance.

-Created from scratch in Photoshop
-Double Arrow Garage logo on the back
-Printed on Next Level 3600 premium fitted short sleeve shirts with tear away labels